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said health care reform could save maryland millions. i am michael uczyner and the if health care reform costs us. next on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> beautiful cooditions out there today. around baltimore. plenty of sunsh >>well, you know thh saying, sleep tight do not let the bedbugs bite. in reality, bugs are biting big time. as kathleen cairns reports, the city's 311 center has been inundated with complaints. >> crime is not the only concern in cherry hill right now. >> because of the bugs. >> they are hard to see. >> if you are asleep. they bite you. >> it is a bed bug infestation, and she has the bites to prove it. >> i have had bites o my legs. >> last yeer baltimore city health officials had 83 complaints about bedbugs. so far this year, 446 complaints. >> but just in the past year alone, we have a six fold increase. >> hhalth department s not sure why there has been a spike in ú%dbugs. but. >> let's say you went on a business trip, come back and they come back in your suitcase, block. >> bugs are not just in a bed. >> it is impprtant to be mattrees, baseboards, sofas, pict
, this is fox 45 news t 10:00. >> hello, iiaa jeff barnd. >> aad i am jennifer gilbert. a maryland state trooper that job it was to protect the governor, faces child pornography charges tonight. >> baltimore county police busted him after a long investigation. keith daniels ssands by live tt county police headquarters where he is charred with possessiig pornoggaphy.ting child keith? ->well, jeff, the sussect's name is bruce tucker, and he is 47. and baltimore county police ay their normal monitoring of the internet led to his arrest. >> in this owen's mills townhome community newssabout a neighbor is spreeding to neighbors. bruce ucker, maryland state trooper that lives on explan nad court is facing child porn charges. surprising allegations. >> lived right next oor to a maryllnd state trooper, i guess you feel saae. and you actually got somebodyú like that. that's shocking. >> another neighbor is not showing her face. but speaking out. >> well, i am appalled. i have children. so i mean, i have a great concern with that. right in my nnighborhood. >> according to charging documents,
in the state of maryland. ú%t bob ehrlich claims he created that credit five years ago. the o'malley camp said ehrlich signed a measure to create that >> we're proud of the fact that bbo tech tax credit.thorize that it was a great idea that camee3 from the legislature in 2005. and, i believe, we're the only state in the country to have increased that bio tech he tax credit in the last year. jobs were create in the state of maryland,,in the past four months. of course, stay with fox 45 news at 10:00 for the latest on the race for governor. go to and click on the vote 2010 iconn ii the news features section. >> and an apology from the president of the u.s. mr. obama called shirley sherrod toddy after ffrced out of her job at thh usda. -e have more on what was said. >> the wwite house working to smooth over the shirley sharrod situation. -ffer three failed attempts, the former government wooker at usda over the phone. calling from his private office inside of the west wing, aides say mr. obama spoke to shirley sharrod for seven minutes shortly after nnon today. white house press
controversy. >> tte next lieutenant governor for the state of maryland. >> bob ehrlich introduces his running mate mary kahne to baltimore. >> i am excited about a woman being lieutenant governor. >> who needs a mama grizzly. >> mary kahneea republican under ehrllch, for 11 months. ú%rnging experience, in goverrment, and the private seetor toothe table. >> we need to encourage to grow in maryland. >> kahne is also married to john kahne. a former g.o.p. ccairman, and owner of a moving ompany, now beinn sueed for fraudulent bilge on government contracts. >> in a way, i wonder whetherúú. >> political analyst said kahne's abaagage could cause %-also said that her ties to and mootgomery county aad washington suuurbs may not be enough. >> these days, thh temperament are against all pprties. both he parties. and it might have been better if %-so clearly identifyed with the party. >> clemson said ehrlich's previous picks, steel and cox, time, he is playing it safe. >> given the ratio between ú%mocratic and republican voters in maayland. i don't think a he republican can win ii he played it right
" at 11:00. >> well, the heat slowed trains from maryland commuters. marc trains on the camden line forced to slow down. heat caused the track to expand. and that increases the chances of a train derailing. >> all across the state. thermometers hit temperatures we almost never see. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at how hot it got today and hot how hot it will get tomorrow. >> we're talking about the word being extreme. extreme in our weather as we have seen just about 90 days ago. we were dealing with piles of snow around baltimore. if we have not forgotten, largest snowfall for the winter season for the 2009, 2010 season of 79.9 inches of snowfall. and then a cool raining, short period of time for spring. and now we are seeing this record breaking temperatures. record high today of 105. out at bwi thurgood marshall airport. we're talking about temperatures warming through the day. up to 105. and an r stands for still rising. that was the number we got for a high. and the last record on july, july 6, was 1999. 11 years ago. and then we had 101 on that day. normally our
shows hat. dry conditions mainly for tte morning afternoon. look o the% west in western maryland by 2:00. we have showers and thunderstormm organizing. that will continne to move in throughhmonday afternoon and then as we gee in o tuesday, another roond possibly of showers. looks likk for the next couple of days -- looks like everybodiville a moment to 90 on the eastern shore. er. chances for showers nd thunderstorms. winds out of portion of the statt looking at much of the same. 9 degrees. we'll see a 30 percent chance for seeing showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. probably after 3:00 or 4:00. keep the uubrellas nearby. -pyou'll probably start your da off with sunglasses. 84 degrees. looking at chance for showers and thunderstorms % greater around 50 to 60 percent chance. looks like a little more possibillty in oakland ccunty. tonight looking at mainly-clear skies.. temperatures at 77 degrees. a calm wind. tomorrow we'll see sunshine in the mornnng. partly-cloudy skies in thee afternoon. a poteetial for a 30 percent chance of pop-up -pshowers and thunderssorms
raan falls from the skies over maryland. >> tornado warnings this evening %-helll, i am jennifer gilbert.. >> nd i am jefffbarnd. the storm came fast and furioosú tonight aasearch foo a missing happened on the gwynns falls tonight. jeff? >>well we aae here at an overpassson highway 40 tonight where rescue crews have spent -ll daa keeping watch on the gwynns falls..3 now they are searching for a motorist that they fear could be but so far toniggt, there is no signs of life. >> i have never ssen this. >> with the water rose, feeriig a motorist was swept downstteam. crews raced to the scene before 6:00. franklin town road, they found a car submerged uppiie-down in gwynns falls. >> we cannot tell if there was anyone in he vehicle. and at this oint, we still do not know if anyone was in the vehicle. we got a 911 call from a cell3 phone that actually went dead. seaaching the waterways,ing neighbors athered along overpasses searching for any sign of ife. >> i jjst hope it was nobody i kkew. %-instead of dead.hem alive. >> back live here at the overpass. on highway 40. crews are ca
for videotapeing police. the letter that could change the legal argument about maryland's wiretapping law. >> a safe haven becomes a crime scene. the act of compassioo this man is accused of taking advantage of. >> the front that brought us storms, will also bring big changes in temperatures. how much cooler we will be going intt the weekend. in the sky watch forecast. >> live in high definition, froo wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer glbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. women and new mothers find help. >> safe haven in nnapolis, for young girls. but tonight a worker thought it would be the place where she would lose her life. keith daniels s here now back from annapolis, with the woman's frightening story. keith? >> jennifer and jeff it happened ddring a daytime hold up at the most unusual place for a robbery. but police say a thief chose th3 small town help center. staffed by older women, that say they wereenearly frightened to death. >> teresa thornton is a volunteer at the birth right women's resource center in annapolis. she was there wednesdaa
or parole or ú%ndatory relief. >> every maryland jurisdiction, has at least, one of these particular machines. after 20 years offcalling baltimmre city home, usns comfort maa leaveeport soon. >> navy is considdring moving the medical ship out of maryland into virginia. politicians are doinggto trr to keep he comfort here. >> baltimore's harbor may be home to a lot of sea life. but when it comes to induutry, and commerce, we cculd always use more. >> very significant toohave in baltiiore. i think. >>>that's why government leaders would like to see large shiis >> very supportive of our3 federal delegation efffrts to enssre thattthe comfort stays where it is. >> in recent yes, thh medical ship has espooded to the massive earthquake in haiti and -rovided relief aftee hurricane katrina. but navy recently annoonced it %-and wants congress to approve $10 million to upgrade a pier in order to do soo3 ú%me say it is a waste of money. >> i gettfrustrated with he politicians. them all out.hey ought toorun >> the move would also mean fewer jobs at baltimore's portt and marylladdcongressman d
to track down his killer. >> a deadly rag race in maryland. two years ago. why police say it could happen again this week, at almost the same spot. %-wave.ready for another heat how temperaturee will rise vee the weekend and how long it will be before we get some rain, inú the sky watch forecast. >> and living to a 100. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is ú%x 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. the u.s. mariie set to return to afghanistan, is shot and killed. aad inside of a baltimore city nightclub. >> myranda stephens standing by3 live downtown with more on how his plans tooo a tragic turn. myranda? >>>ell, jeff and karen, by all accounts, chase love was a marine ready for war. but instead of returniin to afghanistan, he died in a battle ú% a different kind. inside of thii baltimore lounge. >> custooer came and said you know wwat happened? somebody as killed. >> talk was found out through ú%e customers of a killing of a marine riggt next door to the -owntown hallmark store. >> sad, killed in baltimore. >> police say 26-y
maryland. down on the ocean there were floods today. >> that's right. michael sent us hese snapshots. water look at what is in stooe for tomorrow. >>reporter: how do we spell reeief? this point in the last six weeks since june 1st, we should be around five inches. with today's hhlf inch we are still in a ittle bit, we'll see if -pthose triple digits miggt be n our seven-day forecast. >>> remember. you can track temppraturesstooped 100 degreess extreme heat proved deadly. ten people died of 3 1 heat-related causess including one in baltimore, where a woman was found inside a home with no air conditioning. the room was about 90 degrees. relief today came not only with the rain for one east baltimore woman, but she was theerecipient of 3 c1 heat-generated generosity. myrandaastephens reports. >> it helps a lot. a wholee lot. >>reporter: it's like christmas in july for ann harris. >> she's a got gift. a ift %% >>reporterr we first met harris on thursday in a fox 45 interview about the deadly heat. >> you feel dizzy and weak. >>>eporter: the 57-yeaa old >> my heart just went
frederick maryland and could not afford $150 team. they say he robbed and shot rrbert mock, the cab drivers shortly after reaching the city of baltimore. new trial date has not been set. >> westminster man is sentenced to 50 years for attacking a woman, with a hammer. police say paul scott went tooa tried to rape her. hit her in the heaa with a hammer, several times accorddng to police. court records indicate this was the scott 9th assault conviction. >> the power is back on for more than 700 southeast baltiiore reeidents. but neighbors say they have heard all of that from bge before. judy kurtz has new information on the search for answers to these problems. judy? >> it is off, it is on, off again. residents in patterson park never know how long they will have power. and now they want answered from bge. >> the frig may be cool. but when it comes to bge matt wade has reached the boiling point. >> frustrating is not the word any more. aggravating to get home at 5:30. and have no power, and walk the dog and then have to go find a restaurant or a bar or someplace, where you can have a meal and
of the summer.3 hits theaters. wwat the stars of twilight think ú% thh hype. >> and a maryland desseet is ooe of the fattest foods in the u.s. find out how mucc fat is in one slice of smith island cake. >> live n high definition from >> good evening, i am jenniferr3 gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. breaking news in the race for governor in the state of maryland. >> former governor ehrlich is using the internet attthis moment to announce his running mate. this just posted on his facebook page. it is marry kahne, former secretary of state. that is also thh wifeeof john kahne, marylann's formee ú%publiian committee chairman. he is making the announcement on facebook. there right now. taking advantage of social met working sites ii a growing trend for poll decisions. two will make appearances in baltimore, county and charles county tomorrow. and late word thht george owings haa dropped out of the race. he planned to challenge o'malley for the democratic nommnation but he is leaving because he is recovering from an illness. >> stay with us, for the latest on the race for governor. go to foxbalti
. much of maryland is now facing trout onditions. recent heat wave and lacc oo rain has created dangerouslyydry conddtions across the state. some farmers say they are in danger of losing the entire crap if rain does not ssow uppsoon. thankfully, thunderstorms are in our area tonight, buttare theye? meteorologist emily gracey has a look at the sky watch fooecast. hi emily? watching the showers and thunderstorms roll in. and first look at where we stand as farras tte lack of rainfall this season. if we have not been uite too below average ecause the snowfall this year, ut for the season we are below average. typically we should be 4 1/2 inches. and we are below two. almost 3 inches below average. and we may change that as we head into the next 12 hours or so. front pushes 32 the area. closer and closer. so causing flash flooding back to western maryland. and as it goes into our area it could bb a threat for us. showers and thunderstorms move to frederick, will be in towaad ú%lttmore in the next couple of hours. so we will continueeto watch that front as you can see it eetends
an earthquake in maryland ccmpares to one earlier thisú week in california. >> a little less heat over the weekknd. and some rain on the way too. how long the showers will stick around in the sky watch forecast. >> sometimes shopping is stress reliif. >> going on a shopping iet? how long these peopll ave agreed to stay away from the mall, and why. >> and the vampire craze takes a new turn. >> i am team edward, nd i mean -- >> how it is invading the ú%ntist office. >> live in high definitioo, from fox 5 news at 10:00. >> theewhole bag started to shake like this. %-it shook.ene in the exorcist, >> mother nature with aa alarming wake--p call as a earthquake rattles the region. ú%d also cranked p thh heatt >> i felt like i would pass out. >> kiccing off the weekend with >> good evening, i am kaaen parks. jeff barnd is oof tonight. 3.6 magnitude earthquake shook montgomery county.antown in as kathleen cairns reports, a lot of marylanders are xtra tired tonight after shaken from theer beds at 5:00 this morning. >> friday morning in gerrantoww. while some residents work on home projec
way. maryland officiall said a person was found dead in baatimore in a home. ú%r temperatureeinside of the home, over 90 ddgrees. and o far this year, eight people in maryland have died because f the heat. that stresses the impprtance of ú%ying to stay cool n weather likk ttis. ú%t keith daniels joins us live3 -fommnorth altimore to tell us from bge.3 >> and a train stopped n thh the passengers n board.ves of karen pprks will joinnus liie showing us what is beiig donn tt keep commuters safe. nursing home in dowwtown baltimore. anddit has been evacuated anded the staae launched an investigation tonighh. jeff abell shows us that the facclity's record is hardly cleen. >> at ravenwwod nurseing andú >> icc cold, ice cold. >> it is moving day. and for many residdnts ittcould not come soon enough. >> very uusett because my sister is in there. >> residents omplain theecenter has been wittoot air conditioning for the past four %-when state officials learned f the news yesterday, they ordere3 -tate officials ssy the mercury inside had hit 92 egrees. >> all heyydid was run ann get
. >> maryland ttansit administration said the time has come for a change. trainn now. the call center is staying open longer and buses, are on standby if trains abreakdown. mta said it is trying to leaan %->> so mta has a new plan in place, and they said it is -reat. and today before they come in here, they have to have a plan of their own. work early today to make sure to make an appointment this evening. -> trains will continuu to run ssower than usual during extreme heat. otherwise tracks could buckle and cause trains to derail. that's not a new practice even though passsngers think it is outdated. >> i don't know why maryland cannot run a train. we know whht the weather is like in the summer. >> now we know these new3 procedures will continue as long as temperatures are in the 90s. >> that's fine. as long as i get where i have to go. joel d. smmih, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the city's cooling centers rrmain open whileewe are under a cooe red heat alert. cool 70 here aa the john booth senior center on eaton avenue today. people that work here ssyythey all theecooling centers innthe city were o
the n a death of a maryland marine said it should be allowed to protest military fuuerals. family of fa mathew snyder -aking it to supreme court. saying their rights to privacy was violateed whee westboro baptiss church of kansas church filed a brief saying snyder became a public figure when he agreed to be interviewed by the media after his son's death in 2006. youuthought albeer snyder was a public figure? ú%%-14 percent say e noo. tony in baltimore said, being aú retired soldier there is nothing more sacred than the funeral of a fallen sollier and no rrligioussorganization has the right to violate that. >> robert wrote on our facebook page saying albert snyder is a public figure now, but at the time of the funeeal he was nott dat, he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. >> go to and let us know what you think. you can souud off on faaebook. you can send us a tweeetat fox baltimore. text us to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and ww are going to heer more ressonses coming up tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> the video behind mm is
of the state oo maryland. baltimore city, dc and northern virginia where weehave the heat advisories n place. ú%til 11:00, as we go through3 the day tomorrow. because tte heat will get very uncomfortable through the %-so nothing to move the air to help us cool off. so you get stagnant air. and air quulity can get poor, especially for those folks with breathing conditions. so that's an important factor. nothing goong on. plentt oo sunshine. thanks to the big area of high preesure, that will continue to keep the heat coming up out of the south. as the high pressureewraps in, with that cllckwise rotation of air, heat and humidity wwll continue toorise across the area. over the next couple of days. so whaa we an expect on the next day planner. %-87 degrees.ght. 88 starting off for the morninn rush hour commute with plenty of sunshine. and look at this. -yylunch time, outside lunches, stay inside. 96 degrees. and e ill continue to see that temperature climb into the lower 100s y tomorrow afternoon.3 closer look at how long this will stick around coming uppin the seven-day forecast. ú%ank o
have you to paa attention. >> o far this year theee have been six heat-related deaths in maryland. that's the tttal number of heat deaths reported out how hot the temperature got today. >> yeah, jenniier. very ht there's not a lot of breeze other than a light breeze out oo the south. currently looking at 84 in baltimore. 2 in d.c. 86 n haggerstown. frederickkburg cooleded down at 79 degrees. what we'vv seen is it stops. it's going to continue to get otter throuuh the afternoon. i'll show you how hot it is going to get and around in my seven-day stick -p>> you can be in charge of yor own personalized ffrecast. iradar is availlble at use the tools tt track storms to youu -pstreet. go to and click iradar. >>> a sad anniversary. it haa been one year since the shhcking murder of steve % mmnair. how thh former raven is being remembered. >>> a tarnishee holiday. how workers are cleaning up the oil-stained beachhs and what is moreedifficclt onnthis holiday >>> one yyar ago % independence-day ceeebrations in tennessee were overshadowed by t
offthe winds ttat are going to continue to bring that moistuue in place.. >>> a maryland state trooper is injured after his carris hit by a suspected drunk driver. it happened around :00 his bay bridge. he wws taken to shhck trauma with neck and back injuries. for those traveling the ay ridge tonight, the eestbound will be closeddfor coostruction until 5:00 tomorrow morning. twooway traffic will operrte on the westbound side. you should expect single-lane closures on both sides of the bridge ffcus on micro organisss. it wwll help them understand the [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon? try the subway steak & bacon melt. tender juicy steak, sizzlin' hot bacon, fresh veggies on a blanket of bubbly cheese on freshly baked bread. and when morning rolls around, the new steak and bacon muffin melt with fluffy egg, melted cheese, and, oh yeah, bacon. all on a fresh toasted english muffin. mmm. guess we should leave you lovebirds alone now. crank up the flavor at subway. >>> a quuck vacation for the controversy. the obbma's t turned after three days in maine. the president g
, a maryland driver's3 license, and a passport with his photo.3 using the dead man's game that is creepy. take over to somebody else's life like, be like i am this peeron now. >> fedeeal charging ocuments state that john skeleton obtained the passport illegally in 20055 when his flight arrived at bwi ú%urgood marshall airport from lon dog, monnay night, federal authorities were ready. they had tracked him down through a ddath match investigation.ú >> it orders me greatly. and as again the protector of america's border it is our job to make sure it doesn't happen. >> back in ederal hill, neighbors say they nevee suupected they haa a british imposter living oo their block.3 >> thoseepeople did not cause any grief. yoo know, nothing like that. >> for now, the real john skeleton is in federallcustody. and his neighbbrs wonder what justice hh will face. >> send him back to his own there. mayye they will punish him ver there. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> police tell us john keleton was caught through the deeth where federaa authorities croos reference lists of the deceased with
tonight. a maryland teen ho became the victim of a terrorist attack, has a long road to recovery ttnight. 16-year-old eeily kerstetter %-after surrery.wake and alert -nd as kathleee cairns reports, her friinds and ccassmatts are turning to prayer. >> ♪ >> a big crowd at the sanctuary at mount de sales academy makes a strong spiritual play. >> 16-year-old emily kerstetter was on a mission trip in ugandan when a terrorist boob exploded. >> shh is alert..3ú %-from the event. some amnessa now rely oo their faith.s. emmly's future. >> yeah, she is definitely a strong girl. %> emily is in a hospital in johannesburg, enduring one maaor surgery. her parents are now by her bedside. >> i think she is happy to have her mother and father. >> pastor peter that heads up the mission in ugandan wws sitting at the same table as ú%ily. he was killed. his funeral was eld today..3 stilll there is talk of forgiveness. you ssould not try o get revenge. >> for now, emily's friends hope. their prayers ill keep themú and will make a difference in the young wommn's recovery. -n catoosville. kathleen cairn
baltimore medical cente3 where the child remains under doctor's characters but in the custody of maryland social services. a disturbing story. >> i am shocked and sad. >>>for a neighborhooo, just hearing the news. >> i mean, she had a baby, and there was other ways to handle a situation like that as opposed to just throwing it out the window? is that what you said? >>welll baltimore county police sayytherr is a law on the books, for mothers ttat don't want to keep their newborn child. the law allows them to take that baby, to any police precinct or hospital, with o questions asked. we're live at baltimooe county police headquarters. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you, keith. >> police in baltimore ity are investigating two early morning homicides. the firss happened afterú midnight. in the near intersection of harforddroad and batavii inú baltimore. coree was staabed and killed..3 they have no suspects or a motive at this time. and just after 4:000 police say a man was shot and killed in ú%rthwest baltimore. found on random road at willisston street. police are looking
for thhee aacused killers. jeff barnd has this week's maryland's most anted. >>reporter: take a good look at these men. they are all members of the veryyviolent street gang known as "ms-13." pll three mmnnare wanted by the fbi and the baltimmre county police on charges of first-degree murder. >> the men are wanted for their involvement in a double murder ttat occurred in balt county on januaay 8, 2006. >>reporter: police say the men are considereddarmed and extreeely dangerous and still may be in the baltimore or washington d.c. area. ciiizens with any information whatsoevvr on the whereabouts of these three men shoold calllpolice or theirrlocal fbi office immediately. as always, all tips aae confidential. they do make a differeece. jeff barnd, fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> a police officer is not >>> more than two months after the gulf oil disaster, bp is -pspending $50 million on a >> iithink what he did was try to come in ere and get something positive.. >>reporter: what kinds of questionn did he ask you? >>>whht he wanted to know was how peoples' reaccion was to bp. in other words,
dryer as you head westt 91 and slightly cooler in western maryland. mostly-sunny another hot-and-humid day or tomorrow. 93 for the afternoon high. relief from the heat on the beach. not reeief from thh >>reporter: hard for a mother trying to let go. looft frrday her daughter was one of three teenagers kklled by a suspected drunk drrver. the victims 3 c1 traveling signature in an suv. one of them was 13-year old cortez. >> she was vvry popular. every school she went to, everywhere she went she was very popular. >>repprter: on wednessay the popular girl was laid to rest. dofs were released in herr honor. a man never arrested, >> i needed justiie.. whh did they rellase him? limi by then, he was long gone. infoomation they have, he was reasonable. we don't want to put somebody in jail if we don't have a good, solid case. roefrt letting himmgo was judgment call made by police and members of the istrict aatorney's office. a judgment sounding a -- >> that peeson was able too leave the country and that shouldn't have happened. p> he killed three kids. three innoccnt kids
maryland, front wwll have gone through, start to make the way through the western porrion of the state. high pressure ff east. helping to bring up the moisture from the south. as that shhfts off to the east.ú -ee the cold front meander %-through the afternoon.op-up humiiity still riding ahead of that but it looks like push off to the east as the next high and thhn aaso we will see %-drops in toward ssnday. that and hat will even coollus off more. you ill like thiss in the forecast. so here is what it looks likeúf. 78 degrees tonight. see the temperatures dropping a3 little bit. for tomorrow, the chances for showers and thunderstormssright around 94.ú before the front gets ere. and we will see thee3 thunderstorms maybe few strong -nes to watch out. for then pleasant conditions. droppiig from 94 to 5 on friday. plenty of sunshine. beautiful conditions. droos in.nday, that next front look at 81. overnight temperatures in theú upppr 60s. so feeling good. monday ww are looking at 84.ú wiih partly cloudy skies. back to ou. ú%lling all 152 people on boaad3 including two amerrcans.
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